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distant reiki sessions

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A Distant Reiki Session can be conducted over the phone, on the Zoom app, or without having to have any contact at the scheduled time & date.

If you schedule a session over the phone or on Zoom, it’s vital that you are alone. If there are other people in the room with you, it will distract us. You will need to be in a quiet relaxing area of your home or office with no distractions.

First, I will ask you a couple of questions, for example, have you ever had a healing session before? What do you expect from this session?

Then, I will ask you to close your eyes and take a couple of deep breaths. Here I will get you into a more of a meditative state of relaxation. I will walk you through everything that I am doing during the process. All you have to do is relax and be open to receiving the healing energy.

During the session, I will ask you to become aware of any sensations that you are seeing, sensing, or feeling. I like to go through each aspect of healing during our session, the physical, spiritual, and emotional aspects of your body. I will ground your body energetically, cleanse your aura, and align your chakras. I will also look for any issues with your physical body and tell you what I sense about it.

I will use the ancient Reiki symbols (kanji) to activate the healing process. The Sei Hei Ki symbol for mental and emotional healing to improve memory, mental balance, and healing on an emotional level. The Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen symbol will send healing throughout time, in the past, present, and future. This symbol is used to heal over any distance and time. It also heals past life karma and builds a more spiritual connection. The Master Reiki symbol Dai Ko Myo is used for enlightenment. It will work to empower you, heal you on a soulful level, and promote oneness. The Raku symbol is used towards the beginning and the end of the session for grounding.

What is a Reiki Master:

As a Reiki Master, we are at the level of Mastering the technique of Reiki. We are not saying that we, as an individual, are the Master over anyone, just the technique.  At the Master level, we can teach and attune others in this form of energy healing.

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What My Clients Say About Me

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Lisa Dawn is truly Amazing! I received a Distant Healing and to be honest, even though I heard how Amazing Lisa Dawn is, I didn't think that I would actually feel much considering it wasn't actually, "hands on".
Healing Client
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Lisa DAwn

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