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Lisa DAwn

Psychic Medium & Astrolger

My name is Lisa Dawn; I am an Evidential Psychic Medium, Astrologer, Psychic Tarot Card Reader, Reiki Master, Energy Healer, Spiritual Teacher, and Life Coach. I’m married to Angel (Angel The Medium), and we have three adult children and a “few” fur babies. 

My husband and I do private, separate individual readings, as well as In-person readings together. We teach Online Classes and In-person Intuition, Psychic, Mediumship, Meditation, and Spiritual Development Classes.

I love everything having to do with the spirit world. My passions are teaching, healing, giving readings, anything astrology and helping people. I have had many experiences in my life that help me understand and relate to my clients. 

I am grateful for all of my experiences good or bad; these experiences have helped me help others. Please remember that I will not judge you or the situation that you are in; it is my job to help you the best I can.

No one can certify you to be a Medium; you are born one, meaning my soul came here to do this work. Everyone can connect with spirit, and we all have an intuition (aka Psychic abilities.) However, doing this work professionally should be part of our life path. It’s like being a painter; we can all paint, but only some will be great artists. You can’t certify an artist to pain or a signer to sing.

With that said, there are many different kinds of mediums out there. There is no one regulating authority to hold everyone accountable to a certain standard of work. The Medium makes the mediumship. However, learning the proper foundation and education is very important to this type of work. In addition to mediumship, I’m a Certified Reiki Master and Certified Energy Healer.

How I Work:
If you have had other readings with a medium or psychic, please remember that all mediums and psychics work differently. I do this work because I love helping people; I’m not here to judge you or your family. I will be straight with you and tell you the information I receive. All I ask from you is that you are open with me, honest, and have mutual respect for one another.

If we have a Mediumship Reading together, I suggest you wait until the end to ask any questions. All of your questions should have answers by the end of the reading. I want to give you the information I’m receiving without interruption. In other words, I will tell you what I am receiving, and the only response I need from you is a Yes, No, or I don’t know. Sometimes, you will understand the information more than I do, and you can quickly share it with me in those instances. But overall, I can bring the translation through without assistance and with confirmation.

(Fun Fact: I was receiving a reading many moons ago, and the first thing the lady said was, “I have a woman here, who is she?” I responded with, “I don’t know, you are the medium?” with a smile on my face, of course. I thought that was the silliest thing I have heard from a professional Medium and vowed never to do my readings like that. The Medium’s job is to tell you who is coming through, not ask you for information. It is the sitter’s job to give us confirmation only after we get the evidence, if they choose to, but not before)

Who Should Get A Reading With Me:

  • Anyone needing clarity on their life (any subject) | Psychic Reading
  • People who want to connect to a passed loved one | Mediumship Reading
  • Someone who needs emotional, spiritual, or physical healing | Healing Session
  • Anyone who wants to know themselves better, understand more about themselves, and see their path in life, challenges, talents, and skills would make a good partner. | Astrology Reading

If I am unavailable for Psychic or Mediumship readings, please go to Angel, he is Amazing.

He has a ton of experience, he gives readings all day long 6 days per week. He is also a teacher of Psychic Mediumship Development and offers Meditation Classes.

Angel The Medium – Evidential Psychic Medium | www.angelthemedium.com

That is perfectly fine if you are a skeptic; most skeptics want Proof like anyone else. If you are a skeptic, I ask that you are open to the information you receive. I have seen many people’s lives change from receiving a reading. Being open to the information you receive may change how you see everything around you.

Who Should NOT Get A Reading With Me:

Please only gift a reading to someone if you know that this is something they want. They have to want the reading to be ready for one. Nothing is worse than someone showing up to do something they do not want to do. An excellent reading for you might not be great for someone who doesn’t want it or is ready for it. If they are unsure, let them come around in their own time and make the appointment themselves.

Please do not schedule a reading with me to see what I can do. I’m not here to prove anything to anyone, so things like this will only waste both of our time. I have seen this happen too often, and it doesn’t benefit anyone to do this; besides, we should be in this business to help each other, not tear anyone down. Not to mention, karma is real.

With that said, if you are in this business, genuinely need help, and come from a good place, I am happy to help you as much as I can. I have many clients in this business, and I have helped get on this path and clients who are already on this path.

Not the right time:
If you are too emotional, suicidal, or hysterical, this is not the right time to receive a reading or healing session. You need to be in a calm, relaxed state where you can receive and process messages and information. However, it is okay to cry during a reading; it cleanses the soul and can be healing.

Please do not call me and state, “This is an emergency.” If there is a real emergency, please get in touch with the proper authorities. No service that I provide requires an emergency response.

How To Prepare For A Reading / Session:
Privacy is critical; please select an appointment when you have a quiet place to be alone. It’s best not to have anyone in the room with you during a reading or healing session. You will want a pen and paper to write down notes, water, pen, and paper.

What To Expect During A Reading:
It is my main goal to help you. My spirit and spirit world know what needs to come through in a session, so I will give you what I get honestly and lovingly.

It is best NOT to expect certain things during your reading but to trust the information that comes through. Be open to all the information that you receive. Focus on more than just certain things you want to hear; enjoy the reading, and expect the unexpected.

During a Mediumship reading, I will give you information you cannot look up or find. It is my job to bring forward your passed loved one’s personality and evidence so that you know that their life continues in the spirit world, that they are safe and happy, and any messages that they want to give.

Sometimes, people want to hear a name, nickname, or street name during a Mediumship reading. Above all, this kind of information would be very accessible for people to find out or search on the Internet, in my opinion. I’m not particularly eager to give this information, but I will provide it if they offer. I don’t know how this got popular again; this is why they used to accuse people of being fakes over hundreds of years ago. Easily researched information is not something I would not want to hear from my passed loved ones.

If you are so focused on what you want to hear, you may miss out on the information you need, like the essential and loving messages that spirit is trying to give you. There should be an array of evidential information that proves who they are, not just a name. Above all, there is much more to a person’s life than just a name or date.

Don’t be so quick to say, “No,” because you might miss the message. Spirit always brings information forward for a reason. If there is something you don’t know, write it down, and it may come to you later, or someone else in your family may know about it.

Above all, remember that the spirit doesn’t just talk about their life in the past few years before they left; they talk about their whole life. You will have to expand your expectations of them and remember them. Spirit is more evolved in the spirit world than we are here.

If you pay attention to the reading, you will receive more information than you noticed. There will be even messages within messages for you to discover. Above all, mediumship can be one of the most beautiful life-changing experiences for everyone involved if delivered and received correctly.

What Does “Spiritual” Mean:
Spiritual means so many different things to many people; some even think it is a religion, but it is not. To me, Spiritual means the belief in God, the Light, or a higher power without being confined by a group of set beliefs, rules, or regulations like in religion. Furthermore, it means the ability to recognize and become connected to my soul on a meaningful level with the freedom to be one with my spirit and soul. 

We need to understand why we are here in this life and what we are here to do with it (life path). Spirituality is acknowledging how helping others fulfills us, what forgiving means, and even knowing why we experience hardships. Moreover, learning meditation for spiritual growth and healing, discovering the truth of life after death, and much more.

Religious Beliefs, My Beliefs:
I grew up with my Mother’s side Christian and my Father’s side Catholic. Before I could even develop my Psychic & Medium abilities, I witnessed miracles, saw a beautiful Angel healing me, and remember going to the spirit world at night as a child. I knew God existed as a young child, so my Faith was always there and never wavered.

It wasn’t until I became spiritual that I could know God and develop a beautiful relationship with him. Having a spiritual awakening and working on my abilities gave me amazing experiences with the spirit world I never thought I would experience. I will always be eternally grateful for these experiences and will continue to serve the spirit world for the rest of my life. Before, I had Faith, but now I have a direct connection, I have proof. I can hear him, see him, and feel him. All because I allowed myself to escape the confinement of organized rules and other people’s thoughts and experience the truth.

I notice many people nowadays who don’t even like to hear the word God. I see many people who are angry at him because they blame him for what has happened in their lives. As a result, some say that he isn’t real or that they don’t believe he exists. Most people return to God in their own time, while others may return to Him on their deathbeds.

I honestly feel that it is in everyone’s path to go away from God (at birth) and find him on your own time, in your own way. He gave us free will for this very reason. I believe there are many different names for God. Many religions call him by another name; they all lead to the same Creator, the same Light.

With that said, it doesn’t matter what my client’s/students’ beliefs are; although I share my thoughts and ideas, I would never push them on anyone, and I would not want anyone else to force their beliefs on me. I can only tell you what I have experienced and believe in; everyone should make their own choices on what they believe in; this is our free will.

What My Clients Say About Me

Evidential Psychic Medium, Astrologer, and Reiki Master Reviews

Lisa Dawn is truly Amazing! I received a Distant Healing and to be honest, even though I heard how Amazing Lisa Dawn is, I didn't think that I would actually feel much considering it wasn't actually, "hands on".
Healing Client
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